Montana Shawn Boday


Montana’s industrial profile is changing, and the state is becoming much more trendy which is also attracting a whole new type of resident to the state. PerDay LLC is already finding worthwhile properties and proactive investment partners in the region.

Idaho Shawn Boday


The vibrant population of Idaho is growing at a rapid rate of approximately 5% over the past 5 years. This means that there are plenty of people living and working in the region, which suggests it may be ripe for significant real estate investment to scale up existing infrastructure.

Oregon Shawn Boday


Oregon is a rapidly growing market offering amazing local landscapes, low cost of living and a strong academic environment for any tech company seeking to assemble a high quality workforce. PerDay LLC works with many local real estate professionals to satisfy their growing land use requirements.

Washington Shawn Boday


Serving the Seattle metro area and the East Side, PerDay LLC works with local developers and real estate professional providing quality affordable housing for communities trying to keep pace with the recent population growth of the region.