Project Description

Montana is big sky country. It is a state known for it’s amazingly beautiful vistas, it’s national parks including Glacier in the north and Yellowstone in the south, though it is mostly in Wyoming. Montana is mostly associated with snowcapped mountains, grizzly bears and small town folks who like a simple life, but it’s time to erase that vision from your head and take in the new realities of Montana, which are that it is growing and becoming a relevant state for real estate investment. It’s time to get in while the prices are low because all signs point to the fact that property values are going to go up!

Montana’s industrial profile is changing, and the state is becoming much more trendy which is attracting a whole new type of resident to the state. Montana has become a place that craft brewers absolutely love, and the state is now fourth of all US states for craft breweries per capita. Other industries are still very important for the state’s functioning, like lumber and mineral extraction, though those are slowing down because there are many ecological taxes for these activities. Even so, the state has a very low unemployment rate of 3.9%.

With abundant natural resources there is plenty of water to go around, unlike other western states like California. As people realize just how expensive cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are becoming, and how expensive it is to just have water there due to the drought, they are leaving in droves and one place they are heading to with all of their disposable income is Montana. Some go to charming tourist towns like Whitefish, and others go to the bigger cities including Bozeman or Missoula, which is the educational center of the state with a big university and vibrant community of intellectuals.

Those who end up in Montana come for the great real estate prices but they stay for the beautiful nature and slower lifestyle that results. They enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and in the summers there is plenty of fishing and camping to keep anyone occupied. Even those who are not outdoorsy can enjoy the beautiful scenery from inside of their car. If you have been looking for a unique investment opportunity, Montana real estate just may be the thing you have been searching for. Let [Company Name] guide you with your Montana investments, and you’ll likely be quite satisfied with the results.