Per Day Real Estate

Land use management, zoning regulations, changing migratory patterns of people, evolving industries and a nearly limitless number of other variables all factor in to the equation when real estate investors quantify the cost and value of proposed projects. That level of complexity can be a source of frustration when a novice examines their real estate portfolio with a short term point of view. What makes Perday LLC different is our day per day approach to making incremental improvements that become significant gains over a much longer term perspective.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. – Benjamin Franklin

Largely because Perday takes a long term approach to real estate investment, many of our best moves are the result of organic evolution rather than any kind of preconceived planning. There is enormous value to scouting areas, examining all the data, and granular analysis of every last detail – but all of that hard work is only capable of leading you to large milestones along a winding timeline from now until the distant future. The far more important work must be done on a day per day basis, optimizing rates of return and reducing the footprint that development has on the local environment. These are the areas where Perday LLC has established an important competitive advantage.

We Replicate Ideas Not Circumstances

In real estate investment, it is true that no two projects are ever going to be the same. Even if you purchased two apparently identical twenty story buildings next door to one another – the details of the purchase, land rights, tenants involved and so many other external variables would quickly lead you to conclude that the buildings are entirely different from one another in terms of their investment potential. That’s why Perday LLC works to replicate our best ideas, and applies our experience to each unique project on an individual basis.

Many of the variables of any project will be challenges we have overcome in the past on other projects, and in the aggregate our experience allows us to overcome known obstacles more quickly while addressing new tasks with innovative solutions that quickly become part of our culture and enable us to do an even better job handling them when they arise again on future projects. Every development is different, but the solutions to many aspects of investment remain rock solid operational tools we can continue to use as we move forward.