Per Day Real Estate Development

As with all other aspects of what we do here at Perday LLC, our mission statement was the result of discussion and debate among experienced members of our team. We value everyone who works with Perday LLC. From the developers, contractors, realtors, bankers and staff we have assembled – we are able to make worthwhile deals with trustworthy companies that provide our tenants, buyers and investors with the maximum amount of value available at virtually any price point.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality real estate investment services in the pacific northwest, by working together with the local community and forward thinking developers to expand inventory while maintaining the important balance between the present needs caused by a rapid influx of new residents with the long term natural beauty of the region. We accomplish our mission by working diligently each day to gather data, determine the best path forward and through continuing analysis of our own efforts with an eye toward further optimization over time. – PerDay LLC Mission Statement

While our projects will vary greatly, the regions we work in may change and the goals of each project might be unique – it is our mission statement that serves as the foundational bedrock we can all rely upon as a constant hallmark of the kind of company we aspire to be known as now and long into the future.

We Earn It Every Day

It should come as no surprise that our clients trust us, our tenants appreciate us, developers are eager to work with us and our staff is among the most loyal in any industry. That’s because we earn it every day. Our Per Day approach to business provides us with the easy to follow guidelines that invariably lead us in the right direction. Treating each interaction as undeniably important, always demonstrating the level of respect every person deserves, carefully taking into consideration the immense responsibility of being stewards of the local landscape and working toward the kind of results that allow everyone to be better off at the end of a project than they were when we started together. There are no shortcuts to building a great brand, and at Perday LLC we relish the opportunity each day to enhance our brand by delivering the kind of service and support we can all be proud of along the way.