PerDay Real Estate Investment

The character of the pacific northwest is unlike any other region of the world. Known for its majestic mountain views, lush emerald forests and abundant natural beauty, the necessity of protecting and safeguarding the environmental wonder of Washington state is obvious. At Per Day LLC we take our role as stewards of the land very seriously, and we engage in thoughtful investment that balances the present needs of the community for greater residential housing inventory, with the long term importance of preserving the characteristics of the area of generations to come.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. – Henry David Thoreau

An important part of our real estate investment strategy is the early implementation of environmental impact statements and analysis when we are considering any kind of development in an area. Our team of experts and the conscientious companies that we work with are always cognizant of the fact that the work we do today will have effects that range far into the future. It’s easy to see the positives of people living in greater comfort with better infrastructure and more useful space available – but it is every bit as important to also see beyond the immediate and plan carefully to reduce our footprint on local ecology.

Healthy Land – Sustainable Future

In recent years an important movement has gained traction, centering around the concept of holistic management of resources and proper land use. Many people see the end result of these efforts as things like restaurants taking a ‘farm to table’ approach to acquiring ingredients from local farms. However, the ethos also extends much further up the food chain. Organizations like do a wonderful job educating farmers, consumers and developers on the many ways we can reduce our impact on the ecosystem, extend the availability of resources and maintain a healthy balance with our natural surroundings. PerDayLLC is proud to do our part by working with local, national and global entities to create the best possible environmental outcomes while we pursue a viable alternative to the congestion and pollution that plagues much of the world today.

Real World Challenges Require Real Estate Solutions

It would be utopian to live in a world where everyone could live in harmony with nature and without ever negatively impacting a single tree or rose bush, but as we all know, that is not a realistic possibility on a planet inhabited by more than 7 billion people who require housing from harsh climates, proximity to one another, productive places to work and the infrastructure to manage the many needs of a rapidly growing community. At PerDay LLC we seek out realistic solutions that can be implemented and expanded to serve the needs of the community. This approach may not lead to utopian harmony in every instance, but on a continuing basis, it allows us to maintain an important balance between the needs of the community and the natural resources each community relies upon.